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Tactical, Logistics and Biomedical Products

As logistics specialists who understand the unique challenges of life support and grey zone operations, we are able to bring the best solutions in the world together in one place. Asteri Logistics is the premier source for tactical products such as body armor and UAV drones, as well as multi-use support products such as self-fueling generators.

If you are a medical first responder, or simply someone looking for the best personal protection equipment to keep your family healthy, we have the high-quality masks, gloves and sanitizer you need. Spend less time searching for reliable biomedical support, and more time doing the life-saving work people depend on in the midst of an emergency.

body armor


The WARRIOR ARMOR® series is the most cost-effective body armor solution available. Asteri Logistics offers lightweight and high-impact protection with soft body armor vests, body armor plates and plate carriers, tactical helmets and tactical goggles. Our level 3 and level 4 body armor products are designed to provide reliable ballistic protection to law enforcement, military operators, security personnel and first responders. All body armor plates come with a minimum five-year warranty.

unmanned aerial vehicle


We offer unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) optimized for cost-effectiveness and long-range operation. Our high-performance AU-450 Banshee military drone includes encrypted video and global flight control. The AU-200 Stealth Wing UAV is a fixed wing drone with live video streaming for VLOS and BLOS operations. Our AU-100 Spy Owl UAV is a portable drone solution that’s perfect for tactical surveillance operations where field deployment is necessary.

HELIOS Warrior


Our atmospheric water generators offer a range of water extraction options to fit your needs. The HELIOS Warrior and HELIOS Expeditionary War Fighter systems are suitable for home and professional use, but also designed to withstand demanding tactical applications. Our extreme duty water generation models can produce up to tens of thousands of liters of clean drinking water per day using only humidity present in the air.

AU-450 Banshee unmanned aerial vehicle

UAV Aerial Logistics

We understand that military drones and unmanned aerial vehicles are only as good as the logistics systems supporting them. That’s why we provide the most reliable UAV ship-to-shore, pitching deck and long-range transport and payload drop solutions. Use our efficient deck software to launch, land, refuel and recharge your UAV fleet with pinpoint accuracy and up to 20 hours of continuous flight time. Ensure smooth operations with 24/7 secure supply chain support.

Tesla Dragonfly self-fueling generator


The Tesla Dragonfly® is a self-fueling electric generator that can be activated and operated remotely. The Dragonfly is available in scalable units that generate from 10kW up to 50 megawatts of power. It is encased in an air-deployable weatherproof shell, making it the ideal self-fueling, self-cleaning generator system for demanding field operations. The remote operation system is encrypted for security against potential hackers.

underwater naval drone


Our underwater drones were originally designed for commercial fishing and have evolved into the ultimate naval drone / marine drone system. These waterproof drones are equipped with cameras and sonar to send live-feed data for locating pods of fish, undersea obstructions and other points of interest that are otherwise impossible to detect. The sonar device is lowered into the water by a tether and has advanced location, depth and movement tracking. This drone is invaluable for protecting offshore oil and gas operations or submerged naval vessels.

Asteri branded rapid results COVID tests and face masks


Biomedical and personal protective equipment (PPE) from Asteri Logistics include respirator masks, nitrile powder-free gloves, shoe covers, hand sanitizer bottles, face shields, isolation gowns and AsteriTM Rapid Results test kits. Whether protecting yourself or your staff, we will keep you supplied with the biomedical equipment and services you need. Our exclusive N95 respirator masks are tested to protect against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).