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Aerial Logistics

A range of payload-capable UAV systems provide long range logistic chain solutions. VTOL, Fixed-wing, turbine rotary, and multi-arm drones utilize combined flight chain software to maximize efficiency and power resources. Logistic chains maintain organization via ground or satellite Command & Control, equalizing unit flight spacing and loading/unloading time slots to prevent congestion and vulnerability.

System automatically ques to return or redirect empty (no load) units for refueling or recharging. The various UAV’s:

  • Carry additional Payloads of 1kg up to 400kg (2 lbs. to over 800 lbs.)
  • Up to 20 Hours of flight Endurance
  • Hands-on Training with Fixed-wing UAV’s and Rotor Craft
  • Air-Drop and Pinpoint Landing/Takeoff (Deploy Sites, Hospital H Pads, etc.)
  • May be deployed with our deck software, which allows the units to land and attach to moving and pitching decks or vehicles
  • 24/7 Controlled Supply Chains (Constant Payload Inbound)
UAV system drone operator in flight school UAV deployment deck software attached to a vehicle Unmanned aerial vehicle being controlled with logistics chain solution