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Self-Fueling Generator

Made exclusively for Asteri Logistics Fort Worth, Texas

Tesla Dragonfly electric generator system logoThe TESLA DRAGONFLY® electric generator system creates its own fuel source, internally, with no reliance upon fossil fuels. The smaller base systems operate in 10kW-50kW sizes, 100kW-250kW in larger hexapod units, and scalable in clusters to 50 Megawatts. A Unit can be modulated with up to 2 MW of pre-loaded electricity for quick-connect to equipment or facilities.

The passive/self-fueling system can be activated, operated, terminated, and tracked remotely via satellite. Control through personal devices, such as cellular phone, laptop or tablet is secured and protected via encrypted protocols and anti-hijacking technology. Modulated, air-deployable and encapsulated in a weather-proof shell, the electric generator is impervious to extreme elements and operates autonomously.

SA Generator
Dragonfly H-100 Hybrid
100 kW Hydrogen-Lithium Scroll
* trailer-mounted, nontactical
  • Self-Fueling
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Auto-Sealing (No-Prompting) from Storms
  • Satellite Link and Smart Phone Control
  • ‘One Touch’ or Satellite Operation
  • Virtually Zero Emissions
  • 24/7 Satellite Transmission of System Integrity Status and GPS Coordinates
  • 2 MW Immediate Electricity Draw (Plug-In) Upon Siting
  • Near Boundless kW Daily Electricity Generation 24/7 (Air Deploy)
  • Cloaked Exterior Compound
  • Heat Signature of Foliage
  • Air-Deployable Alloy
  • Integral Skeleton
  • NIJ-Level III
  • Internal Modules NIJ-III Insulated
  • Adaptive and Directionally-Active EMP Shield System

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