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Atmospheric Water Generators

Beautiful Water from the Air...

One-third of the Earth's water is suspended in the atmosphere and can be captured and consumed. Our units are designed for homes and business, and are rugged enough for tactical use, mounted upon extreme-duty and military vehicles or situated in industrial and work camp sites. Ranging in all sizes, the platforms produce as little as a couple of liters per day - to upwards of tens of thousands of liters per day from the humidity in the air and do not require an existing water source. ALL models are mobile and air-deployable.

In disaster or emergency scenarios where no power source is available, the TESLA DRAGONFLY®, a self-fueling electric generator, easily powers any scale of water unit 24/7 and requires no fossil fuel, solar or other power sources! AWG’s operate anywhere in the world and create pure, high-pH+ drinking quality water that is 4 times more hydrating than normal tap water.

Made exclusively for Asteri Logistics Fort Worth, Texas
Atmospheric water generation HELIOS Warrior (Extended Range, Gen 3A)
HELIOS Warrior (Extended Range, Gen 3A)
Atmospheric water generation HELIOS Expeditionary War Fighter
(Gen 1C, Mid-length Deploy)
HELIOS Expeditionary War Fighter
(Gen 1C, Mid-length Deploy)
Atmospheric water generation extreme duty (scalable) generator
Extreme Duty (Scalable)
Litres per Day
Expeditionary War Fighter (Individual) 4-16
Tactical (vehicle) 20-100
Extreme Duty 1,500-20,000
TESLA Dragonfly®
Self-Powering and AWG
*upwards of 250,000 litres/day possible with static systems
**500,000 litres/day with Oasis Farm (100% off-grid possible)
**ALL water units can be autonomously powered by TESLA Dragonfly®