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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Made exclusively for Asteri Logistics Fort Worth, Texas

The AU-450 BansheeTM is a high-performance UAV optimized for cost effectiveness, heavy payload (up to 200kg), long endurance (20 hours based upon payload), with military-grade encrypted video and data transfer, global flight control with both anti-collision and anti-hijacking programming.

Integrated mission management systems provide special capabilities for beyond line of sight (BLOS) operations, bay doors for tactical air drops, a 4.5 meters long fuselage bay for supplies/transport, and very low energy consumption for persistent T/ISR surveillance.

AU-450 Banshee UAV drone on runway
AU-450 Banshee UAV drone in the field
Mission Type T/ISR, Extended Loiter and Ordinance Delivery Wingspan 7.2 m
Frame Type Fixed Wing (Canard Design) Airframe Length 4.0 m
Initial C2 Range 80 km BLOS or Global (satellite) Empty Weight 80 kg
Maximum Payload 200 kg (hard points capable) MTOW 180 kg
Endurance 20 hours Cruise Speed 35 m/s (68 kts)
Range 2000 km Stall Speed 20 m/s (39 kts)
Service Ceiling 4000 m Vne (Never Exceed Speed) 50 m/s (97 kts)
Safety System Ballistic Parachute Wind Resistance 15 m/s (30 kts)
Launch Type Airfield or Runway Fuel Type Gasoline/Heavy Fuel
Landing Type Airfield or Runway Engine 2 Stroke (28 kw)

The AU-200 is a cost- effective, high-performance fixed wing for VLOS and BLOS operations. Live video streaming up to 60 k (global, with satellite); features high bandwidth communication and option for encrypted communications.

AU-200 Stealth Wing UAV drone in the air
AU-200 Stealth Wing UAV drone with live video streaming
Preparing an AU-200 Stealth Wing UAV drone for operation
Launch Type Launcher Wingspan 3.0 m
Landing Type Net or conventional Airframe length 1.0 m
Landing Environment Land/Marine Empty Weight 5 kg
External payload 3 kg MTOW 12 kg
Vne (Never exceed speed) 50 m/s Max Speed 40 m/s
Endurance 3 hours Cruise Speed 27 m/s
Range 300 km Stall Speed 14 m/s
Wind Resistance 30 knots (15 m/s) Fuel Electrical 3.0 W

Our AU-100 is a highly portable Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) which arrives with everything necessary for multi-mission role and surveillance applications. The unit weighs only 6.5 kg fully-loaded, can be broken down and carried in rucksacks for field deployment.

With more than a dozen years of tactical surveillance model evolution, the multi-role platform has interchangeable payload options. Assuming field operations with limited or unpredictable launch and retrieval scenarios, the AU-100 is hand-launched by personnel on the ground or aboard a moving vehicle or vessel. It has been developed for tactical operations and has a ruggedized fuselage specifically for belly landings.

AU-100 Spy Owl portable Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in flight
AU-100 Spy Owl portable Unmanned Aircraft System drone
Mission Class ISR and Extended Loiter Wingspan 2.01 m
Design Type Fixed Wing Airframe length 1.53 m
Launch Type Hand Launch MTOW 6.5kg
Landing Type Belly Landing Cruise Speed 22 m/s
Landing Environment Grass or Soft Pallet Max Speed 40 m/s
Endurance 2 hours Fuel Electric
    Service Ceiling 75-1500 m AGL