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White House Reinforces Importance of Proper Face Mask PPE

January 31, 2021

White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, reinforced in a recent press briefing the importance of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for all Americans to more effectively combat the deadly spread of COVID-19. N95 face masks were specifically mentioned as a key piece of equipment in the Biden administration's recently announced COVID-19 plan.

Psaki described the new Defense Production Act as an effort “ accelerate manufacturing and delivering of supplies, such as N95 masks, gowns, gloves, PCR swabs, test reagents, and necessary equipment and material for the vaccine.”

Medical experts have proven that not all types of PPE face masks are equally effective in preventing the spread of airborne pathogens. There are significant differences in quality and effectiveness that users must be aware of. Cloth coverings in particular are prone to misuse, and only prevent the spread of COVID-19 if worn correctly and washed frequently. In contrast, type IIR 3-ply masks and N95 masks are good for short-term use, and are 95% effective at filtering airborne particles.

women wearing MaskSafe mask outside

Asteri Logistics has been at the forefront of the effort to make the respirator mask accessible to everyone. It is available to purchase through MailboxPPE, both as a standalone product and as part of our PPE monthly subscription boxes. Like the current White House administration, we strongly believe that making people aware of effective PPE and giving them easy access to a steady supply is paramount to limiting and ultimately stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Paladin N95 mask

The need to replace less effective cloth face coverings with purpose-built N95 and better masks is widespread and ongoing, as conveyed by Press Secretary Psaki, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other officials. The more highly-effective masks people use, the more quickly the emerging COVID-19 vaccines can curb the disease’s spread.

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